We are an independent body shop
which means we work for you.

We are an independent shop
which means we work for you.

At Westchester Collision & Recovery, we are a Certified Independent Auto Body Shop that is highly experienced in repair and insurance rules and regulations.  Our technicians receive ongoing training and certification by the leading auto manufacturers.  This allows us to work for you and advocate on your behalf, ensuring the highest quality automobile repairs that are safe for you and your family.

Our Team


Our staff is I-Car trained which means that you are getting the best possible trained professionals that the car industry has to offer. I-Car sets the standard for training on car repairs in the U.S.


WCR is a certified BASF Vision Plus Excellence shop. This means that our staff has achieved the highest level of training available and that we are certified as one of the premier auto body repair centers in North America. It also means that our work is backed by the Vision Plus lifetime guarantee. The best experts using the best equipment to repair your car according to the highest standards – all backed by a lifetime guarantee.

“We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality repairs, safe for you & your family.”

– Michael Hade, Owner

Our Green Initiatives

Glasurit 90 line: a water-based paint that is the most advanced available. Reduces solvent emissions by 90%, less toxic, less flammable and contain low levels of volatile organic compounds. Better for the environment, safer for our employees and still provides the high quality finish we expect for all our clients. Using Glasurit 90 line, it takes less time for the shop to paint a car. Less product may be needed to cover the same surface area and paint guns can be cleaned with water or water based solutions vs. chemicals cleansers.


Uniram Solvent Recycler/ disposal machine: This machine separates solvent remnants into clean, pure and harmless and usable solvent that can be recycled and reused right on site.


Con Edison Energy Efficiency Program: we updated our lighting system to LED.



Community Involvement

We pride ourselves in being active in our community and support the following endeavors:


  • Pelham Chamber of Commerce
  • Relay for Life
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • County Harvest
  • Pelham Children’s Center
  • Junior League of Pelham
  • Pelham Education Foundation
  • Pelham Memorial High school
  • Pelham Travel Soccer Club